Friday, February 13, 2009

The Pregnant Straphanger is REALLY falling behind

Oh dear, I can't keep track of anything anymore, but these happened the past week or so. At this point I need a seat at all times and don't say no to anyone. Standing for more than a few minutes at a time is uncomfortable and tiring. The doctors tell me they won't let me go beyond 38 weeks, but that's still 3 weeks away. I need a Jazzy.

Q train
White woman, late 30s/early 40s maybe, with a head wrap noticed me at the Canal St. stop so I got to sit from Canal to Union Square.

B or D
Eastern European couple in their 50s.
I'm not sure who saw me first, but I think the wife made the husband get up and give me his seat.

4 or 5
African American lady in her 50s.
The commute home from my uptown doctor's appointment sucks. I start at the 4/5, one of the least pregnant lady friendly trains. I then transfer at Fulton to the A or C where it's always a scene and it's pretty much guaranteed that I won't get a seat. I did manage to get a seat for the first stage of this commute thanks to this lady.

Q train
Got on the train and initially stood in front of an Israeli guy who proceeded to look at my belly and then up to my face. He did this about 4 or 5 times, then the twentysomething Eastern European guy next to him got up and pointed to his seat.

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