Friday, February 06, 2009

The Pregnant Straphanger is falling behind

January 28
Q train / Dekalb
Asian woman, 60s

I honestly felt terrible about taking this seat and was very close to declining. The woman looked like she was a few years older than my mother. She did look to be in very good shape though which made me feel a little better, I think. Without words, she communicated that I should take her seat and so I did.

I can't remember
B or D train / Bryant Park 42nd Street
European dude in his 40s perhaps?

Molly and I were taking the same train after work one day. I think it was Friday the 30th. Some dude offered up his seat, but I think it was only because Molly said something about no one offering me a seat and he happened to be sitting closest to where we were standing. Haha.

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