Friday, January 30, 2009

The Pregnant Straphanger needs to keep her coat unzipped

January 27
Q train / Dekalb
Caucasian woman, late 20s

Though I usually take off my hat and scarf, and unzip my coat when I get to the subway platform because I'm about to pass out from heatstroke, there are some super frigid mornings where I choose to stay bundled up. This morning was particularly cold and there was a long wait for the bus, so I kept my jacket zipped. The train wasn't packed but of course I wasn't quick enough to grab an empty seat. About 1/3 of the way over the Manhattan Bridge, the woman noticed me and got my attention to offer me her seat. She was a crunchy, outdoorsy type who probably knew about Sigg bottles way before anyone else. She smiled and told me I should keep my coat open as she got up. I wanted to tell her that an open coat rarely makes a difference, that there are too may commuters on the train and bus who are douches and just don't care. Also I think even with my coat zipped I look pretty big.

Instead I thanked her and happily took over her seat.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Pregnant Straphanger - I won the seat lottery

10, 11 & 12
January 13
B38 bus
African-American woman, late teens/early 20s
African-American woman, 40s?
Caucasian woman, 40s?

I am getting really bad at guessing people ages so bear with me. On this Tuesday morning, I won the seat lottery. I boarded the B38 and a young person offered me her seat. I declined because she was wedged between two fatties. The lady to her right was big, the the man to her left was huge and also taking up half her seat. The poor girl only had the front few inches of her seat and still had to lean forward to sit. She was little and looked uncomfortable herself. At the next stop, someone got off and the woman standing next to me offered the empty seat to me first before taking it for herself. I declined because there were just a couple more stops to go and not much traffic. More people got on and I had to keep moving to the rear of the bus (something that a lot of B38 riders seem incapable of doing). So at the following stop I was standing at a different part of the bus and another lady offered me her seat.

January 13
Q train / Dekalb
A DUDE! Late 20s/early 30s?

I have no idea what his ethnicity was. He looked like he could be half Asian or Mexican. I really don't know. But anyway, he was the first dude and only dude to ever offer my pregnant ass a seat on the subway, although yesterday an older Hasidic man moved his coat off the unoccupied bump seat before I could even ask him to. That request is usually met with a stare or a glare. I think all my chips have been used up because no one has given me their seat the last 10 days and I think I might have gotten twice as big. Also more people are bumping into me or making me walk around them (like the idiot lady this morning on the subway platform who stood right in front of the doors as they opened, blocking my path out). Maybe I should rename these posts to the Pregnant and Cranky Straphanger.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Pregnant Straphanger - I think Carla from Top Chef gave me her seat

January 12
Q train / Dekalb
African-American woman, late 30s/early 40s

She didn't have the kooky frames and hair, but this lady reminded me of Carla from the current season of Top Chef, mainly because she was wearing a coat that I imagine would not seem out of place in Carla's closet. While we're on the subject of Top Chef, I am glad Carla wasn't sent packing last week. Eugene and whatsherface had both long overstayed their welcome. Eugene, I had high, high hopes for you, but man, you had a really warped sense of creativity and originality. Whatsherface, how did you even manage to stay on this long?

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