Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Pregnant Straphanger has a little more faith in humanity

December 9
Q / Dekalb
African-American lady in her mid twenties

This was one of those days where I felt defeated by the time I got to the subway platform. DMR and I are both under the weather (he with a cold, me with possibly a cold and some bizarre onset of late second trimester all day morning sickness). The bus stop was a clustferfuck though I did manage to get on a Limited (the 3rd of 4 buses that rolled down the street within seconds of each other). I got to stand in front of two large men taking up all three priority seats. I suppose I did get a bit of joy watching large man #2 continually push the stop sign and the bus driver ignoring the call since we were on a limited.

I weeble-wobbled down the steps to see both the B and R trains close their doors. I was planning to take the R but now wanting to wait, I got on the Q that came some minutes later. The train was super packed and I made my way in towards a pole. There were bodies all around me when a hand reached through the mass and tapped me. It was a woman offering me her seat. I have no idea how she saw me amid all the other commuters, but her gesture was a godsend.

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Blogger planbreaker said...

I know this sounds ridiculous, but your post made me want to cry a little bit.

December 14, 2008 10:15 AM  

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