Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Pregnant Straphanger - the drought is broken, phew!

December 3
B or D train, 34th Street

Middle-aged white woman

Good grief, it had been nearly a month since I was last offered a seat and my belly is so much bigger now! I got on the B or D train at Bryant Park to start my commute home. Didn't get a seat for the first stop, but at 34th Street I had to shift over due to all the additional passengers getting on and found myself standing in front of three middle aged ladies. Well, the one closest to me on the left may have been older, but the one in the bump seat was definitely middle-aged. Let's call her Ivanka. Ivanka had on mink coat and an icy stare. Oh, and tons of foundation. Blecch. The woman on the right reminded me of the tall, skinny lady from Troop Beverly Hills who is dispatched to spy on Shelly Long's troop. She had that librarian look and was appropriately enough, reading an educational catalog. Anyway, she offered me her seat but as I only had one stop to go, I declined.

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