Monday, November 24, 2008

The Pregnant Straphanger - seat stealing and seat hogging = NOT COOL!

I’ve totally jinxed myself. No one has offered me a seat since those back to back days the other week. In fact, people have gotten assy! Last week I was on the 4/5 going to work or the doctor’s office, I can’t remember. Someone got out of their seat and I was moving over to take it when this lady zipped from across the train and totally stole it from me. I can’t help if I move slowly these days. I was super pissed so I said to her, “nice to steal a seat from a pregnant lady” but unfortunately she had headphones in her ears. So I said it a second time, but I doubt she heard that, too.

P.S. Don’t let her looks deceive you – she was not elderly, she was just a hag.

On the A train portion of the ride home on Friday, I did something I normally wouldn’t do and wedged myself into a seat that was barely roomy enough for a toddler. It was the end of the work week and I was tired and wanted to sit. I shimmied my way in and it wasn’t the most comfortable for me or my seat mates, sorry guys. The woman to the left of me was normal sized so she was inconvenienced less, but the guy to my right was large. Also he was taking up half of the middle seat as there was a giant suitcase to his left right (whoops, baby brains!). I tried to make myself as small as possible.

I figured this luggage belonged either to him or to the person closer to the aisle in the 2 seater perpendicular to the 3 seater we were seated in because they were the two closest people to it. But then the guy next to me got up for his stop and the luggage stayed. After that the lady in the two seater got up for her stop and the luggage didn’t move. The suitcase belonged to the guy in the window seat! Four people had to sit awkwardly while he stretched out his legs. His idiocy was bothering everyone in the section except for him! What an ASS! So at this point the lady to my left is still there, but now there’s a woman to the right of me. A burlyish man gets on and sits in the aisle seat. After 10 seconds, he pushes the suitcase a couple inches from him, while asking the woman to the right if it belonged to her. When she tells him no, he pushed it a couple more inches away at which point suitcase owner man tells him not to push his suitcase. This sets off burly man, who decided to be tough guy and starting yelling about this being his train and if suitcase guy didn’t like it, he could get off. Suitcase guy’s defense was that he paid $2, which burly tough guy was not buying and there was some more back and forth. Mind you, suitcase guy was also tiny! When I first heard his voice I thought he was an elderly woman. Even though I could tell he was annoying, I was on burly tough guy’s side until he decided to be condescending and asked suitcase guy if he understood, in the language he assumed was suitcase guy’s native tongue. So exhausting.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Pregnant Straphanger - CRANKY!

First I'm cranky at the girl who kept leaning on the pole she and I were sharing on the 4 train. Lean on the pole all you want if you're the only one holding on, but I was there first and there is no reason for your hand, your hair and your person to come into contact with me.

The next person on my list is the dodohead with the handcart at Grand Central. The morning congestion had cleared up so there was a ton of space to maneuver but somehow he wound up rolling his cart right in front of me from across the main hall and stopping me in my tracks. Asshole!

Also, this unseasonably warm November weather is making me shvitz like a chazzer.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Pregnant Straphanger has nothing new to report

DMR wants me to post these updates every day. Every day?! Who does he think I am? That would severely cut into my laying on the couch, eating bon bons and watching Top Chef time. I have not been offered any new seats since my initial update. I hope I didn't jinx myself. Yesterday on the way to work I stood by a 20-something white dude who looked up at me a couple times and then went back to concentrating on his PSP. This morning I had to wait around for the maintenance people (who of course never showed up) so I went into work a little later than normal. That resulted in a very not crowded bus (I got a seat but unfortunately a highly perfumed lady sat down next to me at the next stop and I thought I was going to barf). The R was pulling into the station just as I got to the platform and that wasn't very crowded either. Super easy commute, hooray!

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Pregnant Straphanger

I am a little over 5 months pregnant with identical twin boys and my belly seems to have exploded in the past two weeks. My commute to and from work kind of sucks. The morning involves a very crowded bus and two trains. Going home I take 3 trains but can usually get a seat for 2/3 of the ride. As mentioned in the post I made 30 seconds prior to this, I was offered a seat by someone on the train for the first (and second) time this week and am going to try to keep track of when it happens. My guess is that 95% of the time, it will be a woman giving up their seat. I don't anticipate ever being offered a seat on the bus because the last person I saw offer one to a pregnant lady was me, when I was 3 months preggo!

November 6
Q / Dekalb Avenue
30-something African-American woman
The first time! I was shocked because I had the hoodie under my coat zipped up and didn't think my belly was obvious. But I was also thrilled and grateful because it was one of those mornings when the bus took forever and the waiting always wipes me out. Thank you, lady!

November 7
4 / Union Square
20-something (definitely early 20s) white woman
The third portion of my regular morning commute involves transfering from the Q or R to the 4,5,6 at Union Square. This time I declined the seat offer because I was feeling ok and I only had one stop to go.

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1. If you haven't heard already, I'm pregnant with identical twin boys. Holy shit! I'm due the 3rd week in March.
2. President-elect Barack Hussein Obama. Holy shit! Typing that sentence gives me emotions.
3. DMR gave me the great idea of blogging about the people on the bus or train who offer their seat to me as this happened for the first time this week. Hopefully this will kickstart regular updates to the Bibimbop.