Wednesday, January 30, 2008

you cannes do it, too!

bonjour des garçons et des filles! je suis en france. i "cannes" not believe i haven't made a blog in so many months. i have finished my last meeting of my trip and am about go embark on an adventure to hunt down macaroons. i am also trying to book my seat for the return flight so i am not stuck between a rock and a hard place. i prefer the aisle seat when i am traveling so i have a quick and easy route to the salles the bain. unfortunately on the trip over i was sitting in the aisle seat, but had some difficulty using the toilettes.

i bet you are thinking, what happened? i'm going to tell you.

i unbuckled my seat belt and got up to powder my nose. the two bathrooms were occupied so i was waiting in one of the vestibules. this aggro dickwad flight attendant who looked like robert irvine (sans muscles and HGH) tells me i can't use the bathroom and i need to go sit down because there is turbulence and the captain has turned on the fasten your seatbelts sign. i told him i really needed to pee badly. i just had some water, as well as some wine with my dinner and naturally i needed to use the loo. NO, he barked at me. then he gave me the death stare. honestly, i didn't want to have the police greet me upon landing so i went back to my seat.

15 minutes later, a woman in front of me gets up to use the little ladies and gentlemens room and i follow right behind her. she tucks into one unscathed, but somehow fake robert irvine asshole's radar gets pinged and pops up out of nowhere right as i'm about to enter. he tells me i need to go to my seat. i asked him why it was ok for the lady and again he gave me a death stare. ok, ok, ok. back to my seat. i would have seriously considered going in the aisle if i hadn't checked my luggage. what would my recourse be? i had to go and wasn't allowed to. i tried to get the name of the douchebag but unfortunately he was not wearing a name tag. instead i gave him death stares every time he walked past me.

i did finally get to go, but not for another very long 15 minutes or so. what a tosser.


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