Thursday, March 15, 2007


march madness is upon us! as i type, the games haven't yet started and i already feel like my brackets are busted. i'm participating in three pools with cash money and one that is just for fun. for the latter, i just made my picks and left them be and most likely it'll be the pool in which i do the best.

duke haters rejoice. while i have them winning their first round game in two of the real pools, i have vcu pulling off the upset in the third. i've said from the beginning of this season that this duke team is just not very good and they proved it many times. josh mcroberts worries me. he completely disappears for full halves. i wish he'd stop trying to make fancy jason williams (not to be confused with jason "jay" williams") type passes and try to score. when focused on his offense, he can be quite good. the team really slows down in the second half so fatigue, plus atrocious late game free throw shooting will be duke's undoing. i do think this team can be willed on by greg paulus at least during round one, but i can't see them going any further. i'm sure this will come to bite me in the ass.



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