Wednesday, December 20, 2006

christmas looting

there is a goblin at my work. ok, i'm being too nice. there is a thief! what the hell? i received a nice gift basket this morning and laid out most (i kept some of the chocolates for myself) of its contents in the kitchen for all to share. my office is right next to the kitchen so i have a good idea of who's coming and going. i sent out an email letting my co-workers know about the treats, but the first girl who went to check out the loot walked back from the kitchen looking dejected. "i thought there'd be cookies, at least," she said.

sure enough, someone had pilfered the goods! gone was the box of ameretti, the biscotti, the chocolate bars and Frenchie fruit cookies. the stealer graciously left the box of walker's oat biscuits, but nothing else. i'm surprised they left the basket, but then again, it would have been difficult to hide under your desk.

as more people read their emails and made their way to the kitchen, the funnier the situation became. we all wanted to know who did it. some co-workers were seriously pissed. some volunteered to spend the rest of the day in the name of justice. everyone had the same first guess, but that person was immediately taken off the board cause he hadn't yet arrived at the office. also that would have been too easy since the person had stolen cookies before.

then it became very obvious who did it. someone who sits on the other side of the kitchen, so i wouldn't have seen them walk by. someone who was trying to blame someone else (and not even suspect #1) for the pilfering. i am tempted to go to this person's area and uncover the loot.

seriously lame.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you uncover the loot, I hope you loudly exclaim "AH HA!"

December 20, 2006 3:42 PM  

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