Tuesday, October 24, 2006


in high school, i used to love spelling my name backwards. it might have been the subconscious reacting to how much i hated my name since it was constantly manhandled. while posting a comment on the bocce blog today, this word verification came up and reminded me of weird formations i've seen.

considers this the start to my misspelled names series.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

on to game seven



i say the third baseman for the mets = rory gilmore's father (aka christopher).

but the CLC thinks the third baseman for the mets = david silver

please chime in with your vote in the comments section.



(p.s. click the shoes)


separated at birth?

chad bradford vs. leo d.

this one comes from the CLC. i drew a moustache on chad because that's what he's sporting for the playoffs.

yadier molina totally gets his eyebrows waxed. excuse me but i have to go pace now.

top of the 7th, 1-1 count to molina, runner on first, no outs.


end of four

you know, had he gotten a hit or driven in a run, i was ready to concede to the CLC and agree that yes, Jose Valentin is an incredibly handsome man.


same, same

ok, i'm kind of sucking at this live blogging thing.

a few months ago, i noticed jose reyes' necklace. during the celebration after clinching the division, reyes was dancing and his necklace snapped! i was so worried he would lose it, but thankfully, he was able to get it fixed and he's wearing it today as he always does.

the other week, during some SNY interview, i noticed that david wright has the same necklace! i'm sure jose gave it to david. and then they danced.

i hope he remembers to kiss it for good luck. he sure needs it!

end of the third, still 1-0 mets, but maine is giving me agita.


if you google image jose reyes dancing...

you get nothing relating to our leadoff hitter! i'm really going to have to change that.

off to a good start, but i'd really like about 8 more runs.


live blogging not from shea stadium

i'm at home with a stupid cold, rather than at shea stadium tonight. and since i'm too nervous to actually be sitting in front of the tv for the entirety of the game, i've decided to live blog or what have you.

first question, is shawn green wearing cinder blocks for shoes?
first statement, i really hate the cardinals.
hey is that NY on the pitcher's mound new?

great, second and third with one out for the cardinals. maybe i should go take a walk around the block.


Monday, October 16, 2006


i'm kind of glad tonight's game got rained out. the weekend has caught up to me and now i've come down with something. had to come home early from work as my throat is really raw and i'm exhausted. i know the mets wanted to come out with, to quote beth, "the big mo" on their side, but i think the extra rest will be especially beneficial for glavine. and as a good sign, dmr is watching the odd couple right now, and the mets turned a triple play. let's go mets!

time to make some tea.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

i feel so exciting

the listmaker has been bugging me to post about the mets. i've been more than happy to abstain from writing about them since they've been winning and i didn't want to change my routine. i like to pretend i'm not superstitious, but i totally am. if the mets lose tonight, you know who to blame. what is there to say? i'm excited and nervous and scared and antsy and every 5 minutes it's like i'm having a low blood sugar attack.

so i'd like to share a little story about the first time i ever experienced sports emotions with one china-latina chowhound. it's really not all that interesting and i can't tell stories for shit, but i gotta fill up space. it was back in 1997, when we were young turks living on st. mark's place, right off tompkins square park. we knew it then, but looking back at that place now, man, it was really gross. there were mice and huge water bugs that crawled out of holes in the brick wall that separated the kitchen from living room. we had some great times there - from the 100 ounces of bud party to the time we watched waiting for guffman for the first time to the bubble bobble marathon and my 21st birthday party where isaac hanson went missing and sandi d. made out with steve b. much to everyone's delight (or was it disgust).

the two of us shared a three-bedroom with a third roommate as well as various significant others. we were watching game seven of the world series between the marlins and indians. i believe we were getting heckled by others in our living room for even wanting to watch sports. clc, correct me if i'm wrong since your memory is way better than mine. the marlins staged a big upset to win the series and it was such a joyous moment; we both erupted into tears. and when a strapping young cuban defector named livan hernandez was named the mvp asked how he felt, he so genuinely answered, "I FEEL SO EXCITING" and it would be forever cemented into our heads.

what does this have to do with the mets? i'm not really sure, except that when and if little jose is in the same position and blurts out something similar, you'll just have to excuse me.