Friday, August 18, 2006

one day you are in...

some thoughts on season three of project runway:

Alison: I thought she'd be among the last designers standing. This week was her first time on the hot seat, wasn't it? Shouldn't the judges take that into account
before kicking her off? Was she too boring for the producers?

Angela: Ick, you Wendy Pepper clone! Stop making those rosettes. Just stop!

Bonnie: So disappointed to come back from Asia to find out Bonnie totally got booted for a dress that was not a major infraction. She just seemed like a nice, down to earth lady and I think they don't like that on the show, as they proved with Alison. I think you have to be a jerk or have more of a story line to stay on this show. Or be the best (like Chloe last year).

Bradley: What a space case! Totally benign and totally pulled one out of his ass when that dress he barely finished won raves from the judges. I liked him. He seemed like a nice guy. He reminded me of my friend Donald. His stint on the show was about right.

Jeffrey: My god, shut up for a second and cover up that ugly tattoo with a scarf. I don't like his designs one bit and I'm glad he's being humbled and brought down a notch each week by not winning a single challenge. While his newspaper dress was innovating, it looked like shit, like that episode of The Cosby Show where Rudy was writing a story and the cast acted it out as 2-D characters? Remember? They were eating some sort of fruit from a tree and got sick or something? Anyway, he talks too much shit about everyone else. Worry about your own ugly ass designs.

Katherine: Was kind of surprised she got kicked off when she did. A little boring. I bet she loves Brights Eyes and Death Cab for Cutie!

Kayne: Not that I think he should be there, but I feel like he will be among the final designers. I don't like his stuff at all. He reminds me of "Snake" from Degrassi, only about 2 feet shorter. I do enjoy watching as a cast member but I thought he should have consulted Keith first about the books before tattling.

Keith: This jerkface was an early choice to go all the way until he was caught cheating. Cheater!!! I loved that one scene was he was practically seducing that beauty queen into using his gown design. As much of a jerk as he was, he made for good tv. Sad to see him go cause he did make some pretty outfits. But cheaters never win!!!

Laura: I totally liked her at first. She reminds me of Patrick Dempsey's wife on Grey's Anatomy, but man has she become a jerk in the past couple episodes. Also, it makes me really uncomfortable how she tries to be all down with Michael, calling him her boy and like trying to rap with him. It reeks a little too much of "some of my best friends are black!" Go back to your townhouse and jodhpurs.

Malan: Did not like him at first. His person and accent just seemed super affected. But when he was kicked off, I got really sad. He seemed really effected by the few days he was on the show, like he learned how to love himself and love others. That brown dress was pretty ugly. Was it likened to a big log by Tim?

Michael: One of my favorites from the beginning. I was getting really annoyed how they barely covered him in the first couple episodes, but editing wise, I guess it makes sense how since he won the last 2 challenges and that would have been too much Michael-time on tv. I like that he keeps out of the catfights and away from the name calling.

Robert: Snooze! Why does he always have glitter on his face during the one on one interviews? Also, I hate the way he dresses. Too many tanks!

Stacey: I really don't remember anything about her. Was she the first to be auf'ed?

Uli: Definitely one of my favorites. No controversy here. I really liked her dress in the dumpster challenge!

Vincent: As much as I sort of like him (though he's certainly getting weirder with each episode), I'm really surprised that he's made it this far, esp. at the expense of poor Alison this week. I guess the producers are putting all their chips on a Vincent cracks episode?

I think that's the entire cast.


Blogger Jim said...

Uli and Michael are my favorites. Alison was up there too. I was bummed to see her get booted, especially since Vincent sucks so incredibly bad. I think the producers definitely wanted to keep him because of his entertainment potential. Also, Heidi and Nina were so vicious about Alison's thing, saying it made her model look fat. They are all about glorifying anorexia.

Laura looks like a mannequin. And she tries too hard to provoke other people into fights. She should shut up. I liked Jeffrey's recycled dress, but I hate his neck tattoo. Kayne and Robert are perfect examples of why I want there to be a separate word or category for regular-dude homosexuals like me. They are the epitome of what so many people identify the word "gay" with (queeny, bitchy, glittery).

August 23, 2006 5:36 PM  
Blogger youthlarge said...

i was completely surprised by vincent's win last week. i think uli's mom was a good match for him. didn't love the dress, thought uli once again did the best. of course they didn't pick uli as the winner, her model was fat! you're totally right about their bias against bigger women. ugh.

didn't you come up with a word to cover regular dude homosecuals? was it stray? i think it was!!!

August 29, 2006 4:31 PM  

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