Friday, July 14, 2006

band of horses

i don't like horses. they scare me. i was traumatized at the age of 8 when i went to candy mountain day camp in upstate new york. this city girl was kind of freaked out by nature and definitely freaked out by horses. they are are machines with hooves. they were the animal version of julio franco, not say franco is not an animal himself. the man is a beast! in the best possible way. the first time i got on a horse, it wouldn't move. everyone else was galloping around the ring and mind just stood there, taking a fucking dump! i have not liked horses since.

nearly 2 decades later, i find myself in a tour bus in iceland. we come across a field of wild horses. have you ever seen an icelandic horse? they are like ponies. i mean they look like a horse, but don't have those endless, cut legs. icelandic horses are stubby and that freaked me out even more.

when i watch animal cops, i always flip the channel when it's a horse ordeal. just not interested.

so it comes as a huge surprise to me that i'm so touched by this whole Barbaro saga. i find myself rooting for a horse (who done me no good at the kentucky derby). a horse! when i watched the latest news updates on espn last night, about the infection in his hoof i got really sad and emotional. i guess this was a new form of sport emotion i had never had. or is it just that there hasn't been baseball since Sunday and i'm bored?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horses aren't bad at all. I happen to have a spooky 12 year old myself, all horses are different. I think you should always get back on whether your scared or not. Or you'll be traumatized forever. It also lowers your confidence in horses if you never get back on. I've had some pretty nasty falls but I always get back on.

July 14, 2006 6:26 PM  

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