Saturday, July 29, 2006

movin' on up!

Dan keeps beating me to the punch with any updates from Asia. And since his posts are so well-written and thorough there's really not much for me to add, except for now, since I am the champion getter-upper this morning and he is the in-bed loafer. Ok, now he's shaving, but I've already showered and had a delicious breakfast from the wonderful free buffet in the lobby (more about that eventually on the PSG).

On our flight from Seoul to Tokyo, we got upgraded to business class! How this happened I don't know and I wish it was a longer flight because it was so plush. The two hours flew by. The seats were super comfortable and our meal was really tasty. I'm sad to report that my photographic evidence of our meal was mysteriously wiped off my camera. Not only were my pictures of the delicious Korean bento box eradicated, so where the sneaky shots I took of this guy on our flight that looked just like Rod Stewart! I was going to post them on the bocce blog.

I had previously flown in First Class once, on a trip to Denver with my then-boyfriend back in 1998 or 1999. My brother's friend was working for an airline as a pilot drug tester and somehow managed to get us upgraded. I remember checking in and the lady at the counter was so mean, being all, "who upgraded you?" as if we weren't allowed to be cause we were a bunch of sloppy kids. Which we were, but man, why did she have to be such a douche? When we sat in our seats, we were given a drink and a small ramekin of warm macadamia nuts. At the end of our meal, they made me a hot fudge sundae to order. It was great!

This was Dan's first time in anything but Economy. Well, scratch that - on our flight from JFK to Tokyo, we were seated in the first row of Economy Plus, which itself was super nice. The seats were much roomier than in economy and because we were in an exit row, there was a ton of leg room (though both of us could have benefitted from a leg rest).

Friday, July 14, 2006

band of horses

i don't like horses. they scare me. i was traumatized at the age of 8 when i went to candy mountain day camp in upstate new york. this city girl was kind of freaked out by nature and definitely freaked out by horses. they are are machines with hooves. they were the animal version of julio franco, not say franco is not an animal himself. the man is a beast! in the best possible way. the first time i got on a horse, it wouldn't move. everyone else was galloping around the ring and mind just stood there, taking a fucking dump! i have not liked horses since.

nearly 2 decades later, i find myself in a tour bus in iceland. we come across a field of wild horses. have you ever seen an icelandic horse? they are like ponies. i mean they look like a horse, but don't have those endless, cut legs. icelandic horses are stubby and that freaked me out even more.

when i watch animal cops, i always flip the channel when it's a horse ordeal. just not interested.

so it comes as a huge surprise to me that i'm so touched by this whole Barbaro saga. i find myself rooting for a horse (who done me no good at the kentucky derby). a horse! when i watched the latest news updates on espn last night, about the infection in his hoof i got really sad and emotional. i guess this was a new form of sport emotion i had never had. or is it just that there hasn't been baseball since Sunday and i'm bored?

Monday, July 10, 2006

you suck

You're sitting on some rooftop in LA and there's a superstar (well some might call him a superstar) sitting next to you, a vision in beige and neutral tones totally air-bassing. It's embarassing. But what makes it more embarassing is that you look at his feet and he has crocs on!!!!

Today I made the mistake of saying yes, when the coffee maker, I mean barista or barrister, whatever they like to call themselves asked me if I wanted room for milk in my iced coffee. When she handed me the plastic cup, there was a good inch between coffee and the lid. Exactly how much milk does she think I'm going to use? I asked her top it off. Twice. I would have asked her a third time, but I was growing weary. After I put my milk in, I still had plenty of dead space. So annoyed.

Are you the stupidest human being alive? I think you are. You totally blew it, you dumbass. Imagine what people who were rooting for France must think!

This has been a bad week for my stomach.

Man, did I stink it up. Honestly, my head wasn't in the game and I know I was totally distracted by the Home Run Derby, which I normally do not care an ounce about, but David Wright hit like 16 in the first round and then I got all into it. Sorry team.

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