Saturday, June 24, 2006

orange tomato

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Subway Series

Today I got into a fight on the subway. I was at the Atlantic/Pacific stop, waiting to transfer to the N train. The train pulled up and people starting filing out. They were all on one side of the door and so the other side was open. No one else was coming out so I started going in. Then I literally deflected off a big lady who looked like a wand of cotton candy with her bright pink top. Actually like cotton candy with a pile of Korean squid snacks on the top of her head. She pushed me out of the way to get through as she rushed by. She was late getting off and I was in her way. And so as she passed by me, I totally shoved her! As I made my way to an empty seat, she came back on and yelled at me, "You don't push me. You do it again and I'll kick your ass." I don't disagree that she could have easily taken me down with a flick of her wrist. She was twice the size of me. But I thought it was funny that the threat applied to a future pushing of her, as if I would see her regularly. Tomorrow I will take the F instead.


Friday, June 16, 2006

I've Got the Fever!

On June 14 of various years past I've just learned, the Mets made possibly their worst trade ever but also one of their best. In 1977 they traded away Tom Seaver, aka The Franchise (didja think I was going to mention the Kazmir for Zambrano deal? let's not even talk about that). In 1983 they traded for my favorite Met of all time (for the time being), Keith "The Mex" Hernandez, which really kicked off my love affair for this team.

It's with a lot of nervous energy that I'm beginning to get really excited about this team. I mean of Mets teams past, the 1999 crew was super special, but this group of Jose Reyes, David Wright, Pedro Martinez, Julio Franco, Xavier Nady and Duaner Sanchez is way more lovable than Rey Ordonez, Al Leiter, Todd Pratt, Daryl Hamilton and John Franco. The only toss-up is between Wright and Robin Ventura who roamed the hot corner for the Mets that season. Ventura in his short tenure as a Met quickly established himself as one of my favorite players ever with his on-and-off field shenanigans and commentary. Still, as I was checking the updates on Game Cast during the ninth inning of yesterday's game, my stomach was in knots. It's a game on June 15 for crissake's and I had to walk away from my computer. But that's all part of being a Met fan. Nothing good comes easy or often and so that's when something good happens, it's all the more sweeter.

p.s. I have World Cup Fever too, but if Korea can make it to the second round, then I'll bust out my Be The Reds shirt.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yeah is what we had...

And now it can be yours. Grandaddy is a band on the label I work at and they've stopped being a band. Jason Lytle (the main dude) gave us a bunch of his personal items to be used in contests and auctioned off. Well stupid eBay has some stupid rules about auctioning things off for charity. Basically you have to use this 3rd-party company that takes a 10% cut. Because the listing mentioned words like "proceeds" and "charity", it resulted in the auction being removed two times already and me banging my head against the computer continuously for the past 48 hours. Especially a bummer because less than 24 hours into the second attempt at the auction, before it was removed, the high bid was over $450. The current high bid is about $80. I guess they are trying to prevent fraud, but still it's super super super annoying.

It's finally up sans any mention of who the charities are. In case you are curious, The Emmett O'Loughlin Fund and the National Wildlife Federation are going to see 100% of the money raised. If they remove it again tonight for whatever reason, I'm going to eat my shoe.

Check out the lot for Auction #1 featuring a pair of Jason's sunglasses, one of his old trucker hats and my favorite, an embroidered kitty pillow. Auction #2 has some really fun stuff in it and we'll be launching that in the next week or so.