Friday, May 19, 2006

another wrong number

a few moments ago, but this time when i answered the phone, the voice on the other line asked for a person, rather than echo me. the person also said sorry and then hung up. it really doesn't take much to make me happy.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Got a wrong number phone call just now. This is how our conversation went:

Me: Hello?
Stupid Woman: Hello?
Me: Hello!
Stupid Woman Douchebag Bitch: Hello?
Me: Hello.
Stupid Twat: Hello?
Me: Are you going to say...(click)

Stupid twatty douchebag bitch hung up on me. Incensed, I called her back only she didn't answer the phone.

I'm going to keep calling her until she picks up the phone to let her know that usually when someone says hello, you should respond with something more than just a hello back. Remember YOU CALLED ME! And on top of that, when you dial a wrong number, it's pretty nice to say you're sorry before you hang up the phone.

718.221.1132 is the fuckface's number.

Anyone else who wants to teach her a manners lesson, please go ahead.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

wait, one more thing

The last couple blog titles have been capitalized. Sorry, don't know what came over me.

You should go over to Dan's movie blog to read his write-ups on two films we just finished - the endearing Nomi Song and the insufferable Best Picture of 2005, Crash.

Someone who enjoyed Crash please respond with a rebuttal. Please.

Now They'll Sleep

The Mets game just ended. And they won. And the Phillies lost. And now I can finally go to sleep.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Town Boob-adours

Reader AmyElainey writes: "Hello. I was just wondering if that was Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo on last night's episode of Gilmore Girls or if I was seeing things. What did you think of the finale?"

Well AmyElainey, thanks for your email. It was indeed Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo on last night's Gilmore. Kim Gordon played Cool Mom Troubadour, Thurston Moore played Cool Dad Troubadour and Coco Haley Gordon-Moore played Cool Teen Troubadour. As for Yo La Tengo, they performed a new original called "The Story of Yo La Tengo" (or something like that) as Hoboken Girl Troubadour, Hoboken Guy Troubadour 1 and Hoboken Guy Troubadour 2. Then there was also Sparks as Bauhaus Troubadour and something else Troubadour, I can't remember. Also the REAL Dave Rygalski was part of the Missing Thumbs Troubadour Trio. Daniel Palladino was a guest star as well, listed in the credits as loner troubadour. Sam Phillips (who provides the "doo doo doos" and "bah bah bahs" segment bridges on the show) was Muse Troubadour. I think there may have been some other troubadours, but I can't think of them right now. Oh wait there was also Dave Gruber Allen, Mary Jane Rasjkub (from 24) and Grant Lee Phillips as official Town Troubadour. And how could I forget Joe Pernice as Bearded Troubador. Whew.

And the lady who plays Jan on The Office played the psychologist that Emily tries to set Christopher up with. (Good job imdbing, Listmaker!)

So onto my thoughts about the episode. Aside from the troubadour bits, which I thought were super fun, ridiculous, over-the-top and bizarre in a typically Stars Hollow sort of way, I thought the episode blew. I mean did they really need to rehash Lorelei-sleeps-with-Christopher-in-a-moment-of-absolute-lowness YET AGAIN? How many times are they going back to that well? It should be dry by now! Although the line GiGi (get it, G.G.? gilmore girl?) spoke made me laugh, something along the lines of "When I don't feel well, I don't like to sleep in my nightgown either." Was it me or was Rory doing her best Julia Roberts impression? When did her mouth get so big? Yikes. I like that they are making her more assertive, but it's manifested in a really annoying bitchy, bossy, know-it-all way. Why don't you tell people like Paris to fuck off instead of spouting off on someone like Mitchum who doesn't give 2 bits about you? Are Mitchum's eyebrows dyed to match his hair? And finally why does Luke have to be such a boob? He turned into such a spineless fucker this season.

But yeah, I'll be back in the fall to watch the final season.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

pol potpurri

• Yo La Tengo will be performing on tonight's season finale of Gilmore. Hmmm, what will happen? Either Poop (Luke) and Lorelei will break up or get married/elope, whatever. Last season brought such high hopes, this season makes me relieved that next season will be the last. On the tv tip, we watched last week's episode of the Office last night and it made me guffaw. Dwight's complaints against Jim had me in stitches. I'm cracking up just thinking of the shenanegins with the photo ID.

• I got two wrong numbers today. I get them quite often come to think of it. The first one today really irked me. The woman asked for Joanie or whomever, and I told her she had the wrong number. But she still didn't believe me, so she repeated the phone number she was trying to call, which was basically my number, except for one difference. I told her so and instead of saying, oops, sorry, she just hung up on me. I thought it was very rude, and sadly, it does seem to be the norm.

• My Tiny Showcase order finally showed up. The kind folks at The Human Empire sent me a couple shirts the other day too. I know have too many t-shirts, but these are AWESOME.


Aren't you going to grow up to be so pretty?

Pedro's garden

Tonight begins a 3 game series against the surging second place Phillies. I know the Mets have a 4 game cushion, but THEY BETTER WIN TWO OUT OF THREE at least. Or else, I'll have to throw myself under a train or something dramatical like that so I don't have to hear Hot Tub's jawing.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What is this - the East Village or Leave it to Beaver?

DMR had an interview in the East Village last night so afterwards we met for a delicious dinner at Momofuku. We then headed over to the Niagara bar on A and 7th (but not before a quick pit stop at the Giant Robot store, heh-heh). At Giant Robot, we picked up a Stephan Britt My Favorite Mirror for little Leah, as well as some stickers for Dan's class. And um, some stickers for me! I used to live on St. Mark's between 1st and A about 10 years ago but am rarely in this neighborhood anymore. But it was cousin Leah's birthday and we stopped by for a couple drinks. When it was time to go home, we walked across to the West side of Avenue A to hail a cab. While we were waiting, this dumbass past his prime rockery looking guy yells to us, "What is this? The East Village or Leave it to Beaver?" I guess it was because DMR had just gotten a haircut and was wearing nice pants since he had gone on an interview earlier in the day? Regardless, I wasn't sure where crusty the clown was going with this. Was he just angry and bitter at the new school taking over his hood and targeted us as the yuppies ruining the area? Was he just on something and talking nonsense? Was he just a poor misunderstood soul who really had a demeanor like a lamb?

I complimented him on his awesome leather biker jacket and asked if he had picked up a CB's t-shirt along with it. The then told me that he was at CB's from the beginning while I was rebuilding Hiroshima. Um, okay. He then disappeared for a while, but then came back and let us know that his jacket was in fact real leather. He then told us that he's been beaten up by all kinds of people (he used a specific word which is escaping me but I'm sure DMR will chime in with it in the comments) and that he wasn't afraid of us. Did he think that yuppies wouldn't talk back? We did some further jawing back and forth as DMR and I piled into a cab and had a nice laugh on the ride home.