Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The PSG has a new home.

The Park Slope Gastronome has its own blog now. It features the Bacon-O-Meter, where I will keep track of all the bacon I consume.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

this is going to be the end of me

there's a bakery around the corner from my new work which is known for its hot chocolate and pretzel/croissant hybrid. i used to gorge on this bakery's bounty regularly about 5 years ago as an ex-boyfriend designed some shirts for them and was given a huge credit as part of his payment.

during breakfast hours i've just learned, they sell niman ranch bacon by the slice. fifty cents a piece. i hadn't noticed this the past couple times i've been since i veer to the left when i enter and the bacon is available on the right. today i veered right. i'm so in trouble.


Monday, April 10, 2006

i have an office

at the new job, i have an office.
it has no window, so i have no concept of time of day. which makes me very tired by around 3pm each day. which made me almost miss the freak snow a couple days ago.
its walls are a yellowish white. it looks like someone spent a lot of time smoking in this ventilation-deprived space.
it has lots of sticker remnants up on the yellowish white walls. i've given up trying to remove them.
there is charcoal grey industrial grade carpeting throughout.
i do have a nice stereo system and speakers.
there is a growing "deep water" stain on one of the ceiling panels. it's also swollen. there are different levels of staininess.
it's also hot and it kind of smells.
it's right by the men's room.
it's next door to the kitchen and many people accidentally walk into my office. in fact, my boss just did it!

i will not take the door down and let everyone know about my "open-door policy" like an ex-boss of mine who shall remain nameless.