Friday, March 17, 2006

the sporting life

my eyes hurt from watching way too much television late night. between the us-mexico wbc game and the gazillion ncaa games, i watched like 6 hours of sports. around midnight, i couldn't even open my lids halfway and yet i could not bring myself to turn off the television while there was still games being shown.

as i've mentioned before, i love the ncaa tournament. baseball may be my favorite sport, but the tournament is probably my favorite sporting event and during it, i probaly get the absolute worst case of sports emotions.* i get sports emotions so frequently and during totally insignificant moments, even i can readily admit how pathetic and silly it is.

the other day we had dvr'ed the korea-us wbc game, but the listing was all messed up and we only got the final 2 hours of it. however, i got a bonus! the dvr wound up taping espn classic's top 20 buzzer beaters in ncaa history. christian laettner's game winning shot in 1992 against kentucky in the regional finals was chosen as the top play. i will never get tired of seeing that highlight. the sports emotions were a-flowin!

any time that dumb song "one shining moment" is played over a montage of ncaa highlights, i absolutely lose it. who is this david barrett that wrote it? does he hang out with lee greenwood? the lyrics are totally corny, but it works so perfectly to capture all the joy and heartbreak off the tourney. i truly look forward to the grand montage they have after the title game to close out the season.

i have the worst headache today.

np: gram parsons

*term coined by beth to describe the feelings one gets while watching sports, often resulting in tears of joy.



Blogger weasel said...

You need to watch England play at Germany 06 with Mondale. It will be one of the sporting highlights of your life.

March 21, 2006 4:08 PM  

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