Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the garbage they hurled at us last night

very disappointed in last night's gilmore episode. it was erratic and full of weak plot points. a salad tossed with wilted, browning lettuce and moldy cucumbers. my biggest gripe is with zach asking lane to marry her. we don't see either of these characters for months, they are no longer living together, the band has broken up and no one is talking to zach after he throws an anton at their big label showcase. couldn't we have at least gotten one episode where they first reconciled before zach pulls out the pawn shop moose lodge ring? and why the hell does joel gion need to be on another episode of this show? he was entertaining in dig! as a foil to anton bjm, but his schtick wears really thin on gilmore.

i can't believe rory got a stick up her ass about logan sleeping with those girls while they were in downtime. girlfriend, you all were taking a break from each other and if you really want something to be mad about, how about the nastiness of the girls that he schtupped. seriously, where did honor's bridal party come from? i thought i was watching a john hughes movie from the 80s. to make things worse, she goes to paris for solace! why does she put up with this psychotic bitch of a "best friend." i know, little rory is friend to all, but maybe you could be nicer to sweet people like party marty (where's he been?) instead of bitcherella. wait til she finds out about doyle kissing rory's neck, i can't wait to see all of rory's furniture on the street as a result of being thrown out from their 5th floor window.

and finally, christopher, could you cut off that tail on the back of your head? no matter how long or short his hair is, he always has this little triangular patch creeping down his neck which really bothers me.

oh wait, one more, anyone else catch the ad for the "bedford diaries" staring jess and his crooked mouth. is this going to be about williamsburg? i don't even want to know.



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