Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ledoux or don't

do i really want this? i know i don't need it and when i first read about it i thought i was going to be unemployed for a while so i told myself i wasn't allowed. but now i have a new job. and i love jesse ledoux. i love the shapes he draws and the creatures he creates. but do i need another print to hang up and another t-shirt to wear? of course not but...good lord i'm a such a dork. help me decide! i need to make a decision by april 1 so vote in the comments section with a yay or nay and i'll go with vox populi.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

strange occurancies

i woke up in the middle of the night the other day to find my nose leaking. at first i thought i might have a bloody nose because i'm so susceptible to them and it's been so dry in the bedroom even with the humidifier set on high. luckily it was not blood, but still it kind of freaked me out. it was not drippy, it was like someone turned my nose on.

so this past monday, i quit my job. well, i gave two week's notice, but saying i quit sounds way more dramatic. i was definitely freaking out, but those feelings were outweighed by my overall peace of mind. but then a couple of things that i wasn't expecting to happen, happened. this opportunity presented itself and it was a good one and now on tuesday i start my new job.

many of you will be happy to know that i'm back in the "industry."


Thursday, March 23, 2006

jin-iny cricket!

last night's episode of LOST was great because it showed what hot stuff koreans are! dan made some goofy drooling comment about sun which i normally maybe would have been annoyed by, but i think i agreed! and jin! holy ab-roller. i thought the bald guy who the special eyebrows was pretty cute too. my hope for the show is that the character of jack gets killed off. i originally read that Jack was going to be played by michael keaton and that he wasn't going to last through the first 2 episodes. i know ana-lucia is the one to hate, but jack is sooooo annoying. matthew fox should stop complaining because i don't think he would be too missed if he left the show. there are plenty of other more interesting characters. next week looks really good! but i'm sure we're just being teased.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

don't call it a comeback

my appetite was back in a huge way at last night's slice/gothamist pizza party at fornino in the wb. scroll down to see a familiar face! we were fortunate enough to get a table in the back room and have the assortment of pies delivered right to us. there was always a good flow of food and the bar line never got too long either. and they were serving peroni! i love peroni!

this is what i consumed:
• margheria extra - cherry tomato, mozz, basil, parm, olive oil
• rustica - guanciale (that's pig jowl to you, bub), shitake mushroom,s parm, tomato, mozz
• calabrese - tomato, mozz, sopressato piccante
• ortolana - tomato, mozz, eggplant, zucchini, roasted peppers, broccoli rabe
• pugliese - mozz, fennel sausage, broccoli rabe (consumed while waiting IN line for the bathroom)
• melanzane - tomato, eggplant, ricotta, mozz, parm, basil
• gorgonzola - gorgonzola, mozz, caramelized onion, rosemary
• funghi misti - mixed wild mushrooms, caciocavallo, mozz, white truffle oil
• tartufo - black winter truffles, fontina, ricotta, mozz, olive oil

so that's 9 different pies we sampled of the 16 that were served. not a bad ratio, but i would have happily traded a couple of the pies that featured eggplant for ones that had more meat and/or seafood. they used little japanese eggplants that looked alarmingly similar to sliced sausage. we were tricked a couple times. this is not a complaint, just some wishful thinking from a meat lover. i also went up to the salad bar like 3 times. fornino put together 3 different varities - chopped, mixed greens with shaved parm and ceasar. i love salad. oh and did i mention i love pizza? cause i do and i ate either 10 or 11 slices.

my favorite hands down was the tartufo. what a wonderful bonus to be treated to such a delicious creation made with very expensive ingredients. it was only my second time having actual truffles (rather than truffle oil or what have you) and it was so very delicious. i want to eat an entire pie, but i would have to pay $35. on our way out the chef was demonstrating the mozzerella making process. i gasped when i walked by and saw the bowl of milky liquid and was immediately handed a chunk of warm, gooey mozzerella wrapped in proscuitto. ok and if that wasn't enough, they then brought out mini cups of tartufo for the crowd to sample. god bless us everyone!

thanks to everyone at slice, gothamist and fornino for a really fantastic night. when i get home i'm going to post a picture of the oil soaked menu. i forgot to mention that while biting into my first slice, i was totally attacked by napalm filled cherry tomatoes. later in the evening, i was attacked by truffle oil, but i easily surrended.


Monday, March 20, 2006

dixie toot makes her bocce debut

i'm normally not one to talk in the third person or engage in rickey-speak, so you'll have to excuse the title of this post. this saturday i was finally healthy enough to make my if you want my bocce debut. we beat the preps, team odin two games to none. in game 2, we nearly blew a 6-0 point advantage but were able to get down to the nitty gritty and pull through. i thought i rolled pretty well, though i was short on a couple balls. i'll definitely need to get in a practice this week for our big rematch against the coffee flats terrors. of course i would like us to beat them, but as long as we all roll well and smart, i'll be happy.

remind me not to wear dark pants floyd ever again. it doesn't mix well with the red clay court.


Friday, March 17, 2006

the sporting life

my eyes hurt from watching way too much television late night. between the us-mexico wbc game and the gazillion ncaa games, i watched like 6 hours of sports. around midnight, i couldn't even open my lids halfway and yet i could not bring myself to turn off the television while there was still games being shown.

as i've mentioned before, i love the ncaa tournament. baseball may be my favorite sport, but the tournament is probably my favorite sporting event and during it, i probaly get the absolute worst case of sports emotions.* i get sports emotions so frequently and during totally insignificant moments, even i can readily admit how pathetic and silly it is.

the other day we had dvr'ed the korea-us wbc game, but the listing was all messed up and we only got the final 2 hours of it. however, i got a bonus! the dvr wound up taping espn classic's top 20 buzzer beaters in ncaa history. christian laettner's game winning shot in 1992 against kentucky in the regional finals was chosen as the top play. i will never get tired of seeing that highlight. the sports emotions were a-flowin!

any time that dumb song "one shining moment" is played over a montage of ncaa highlights, i absolutely lose it. who is this david barrett that wrote it? does he hang out with lee greenwood? the lyrics are totally corny, but it works so perfectly to capture all the joy and heartbreak off the tourney. i truly look forward to the grand montage they have after the title game to close out the season.

i have the worst headache today.

np: gram parsons

*term coined by beth to describe the feelings one gets while watching sports, often resulting in tears of joy.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

don't want to waste more space

the new issue of venus is out now and i've got a piece on mates of state in it. the cover star is ms. neko case, whose new album listmaker just bought but i haven't had a chance to load up into the ipod and listen to yet. there's a little photo that i submitted for the contributer's section which reminds me too much of my yearbook photo from my senior year of high school, which basically means, i don't think it looks like me with the exception of having my moonish facial qualities accentuated.

the photo shoot for the story took place in this amazing brownstone in brooklyn heights that was in the beginning stages of renovation. it was on one of those great brooklyn streets that extends for just a single block, like the one around the corner from chris and mary's place. there were about 6 floors, including 2 sub-levels and overrall the building was in terrible shape. i'm sure by this time next year, all the cosmetic changes will somewhat bring justice to its two million dollar pricetag (that's just a guess). i'd love to see the end result.

wbc update: vernon wells just hit into a double play to end the game and end the us team's run. the ump that blew the call in the the us/japan game messed up another call in this one. luckily it didn't effect the outcome of the game.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

(w)here is the love for hee seop choi?


on to round 3!


Monday, March 13, 2006


• following a second trip to the doctor's office, i'm finally on the mend. some new antibiotics, a prescription decongestant and another nasal spray is proving to be the winning concoction. throw in a couple packs of emergen-c and tons of college basketball games and it all adds up to feeling the best i've felt in over five weeks. i've been dry for some time too, although the other night i did have a couple glasses of wine at listmaker's school's auction.

• still not back to full strength is my appetite. it's kind of shocking since i manage to overeat any time i have a meal. i hope i'm back to form next week for the slice/gothamist pizza party at fornino. i want to eat and drink my $26.06 worth.

• yesterday i remembered another dream i regularly have. i'm back at college. i completely lose track of my schedule and forget to attend class for an entire semester and usually wake up all stressed and anxious. occassionaly when i wake up, i can't remember if i really graduated or not. the dream is rather ironic since i puroposely missed a lot of classes during my years of higher education.

• this past week's episode of the OC was the final straw. i'm so done with that show. i don't care if summer and adam brody get into brown together. i just don't!

• korea team fighting! it's korea vs. the us tonight in the second round of the wbc. let's hope there's not another blown call that goes against the asians. seung yeop lee has just been amazing. he played on bobby valentine's japan league champs the chiba lotte marines last season and just signed with the giants. it'll be interesting to see if his performance stirs up interest among mlb teams.


Friday, March 03, 2006

i can dream about you if i can't hold you tonight

short descriptions of reoccuring dreams that i've had for the past decade or so

1) the school locker - oh no, it's time to empty out our lockers because it's the end of the school year and i can't remember my combination
2) the school locker redux - even though i graduated from an institution with lockers over a decade ago, i have a feeling that i left something in my old locker and must retreive it. now what was that combination again?
3) heavy back pack - i can open up my locker and fill my bag with books. only when i try to stand up with it, i can't. it's too heavy. i can't move my feet. i am stuck.
4) playing catch - two parties are playing catch. the ball gets bigger and bigger with each toss. this is how wars start. this is a dream where i also have physical reactions. it feels like there is a balloon in my mouth that is getting filled with more and more air.
5) skipping church - off i go to the youth ministry room of my church. i think my parents are out of sight now, i'll just walk around the neighborhood until service is over and pretend i attended and listened attentively to the sermon.
5a) skipping church variation - same as before, only i hang out at a bodega to kill time.
6) elementary school revisited - everything is so small: the cafeteria, the bathroom stalls, the nurse's office. weird to have dreams about places you haven't been inside in nearly 20 years.
7) teeth falling out - my teeth fall out in assorted ways. most recently, this past week, i elbowed someone in the mouth, only my front tooth fell out. all attempts at sticking the tooth back into my gums failed. this is a result of me slipping in the shower at age 10 or 11 and whacking my mouth on the faucet and losing one of my front adult teeth.

i know there are a couple more, but i can't recall them at this time.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

and it's a...

i am pleased to announce the birth of triplets: mookie, hee seop and bobby. all three are beautiful, rosy-cheeked cold sores that were born this morning on my upper lip. the trio are healthy and robust and making their momma proud.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the garbage they hurled at us last night

very disappointed in last night's gilmore episode. it was erratic and full of weak plot points. a salad tossed with wilted, browning lettuce and moldy cucumbers. my biggest gripe is with zach asking lane to marry her. we don't see either of these characters for months, they are no longer living together, the band has broken up and no one is talking to zach after he throws an anton at their big label showcase. couldn't we have at least gotten one episode where they first reconciled before zach pulls out the pawn shop moose lodge ring? and why the hell does joel gion need to be on another episode of this show? he was entertaining in dig! as a foil to anton bjm, but his schtick wears really thin on gilmore.

i can't believe rory got a stick up her ass about logan sleeping with those girls while they were in downtime. girlfriend, you all were taking a break from each other and if you really want something to be mad about, how about the nastiness of the girls that he schtupped. seriously, where did honor's bridal party come from? i thought i was watching a john hughes movie from the 80s. to make things worse, she goes to paris for solace! why does she put up with this psychotic bitch of a "best friend." i know, little rory is friend to all, but maybe you could be nicer to sweet people like party marty (where's he been?) instead of bitcherella. wait til she finds out about doyle kissing rory's neck, i can't wait to see all of rory's furniture on the street as a result of being thrown out from their 5th floor window.

and finally, christopher, could you cut off that tail on the back of your head? no matter how long or short his hair is, he always has this little triangular patch creeping down his neck which really bothers me.

oh wait, one more, anyone else catch the ad for the "bedford diaries" staring jess and his crooked mouth. is this going to be about williamsburg? i don't even want to know.