Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i just blew my nose so hard...

my right ear practically exploded imploded. it did a reverse pop, like air got sucked in. it hurts!


Monday, February 27, 2006

so sick, so so sick

i have been sick for practically the entire month of february. yes, i'm usually sickly for the most part, but this is abnormal even for me. it's come in stages - sinus congestion, running nose, cough, sore throat, fever, cough, sinus pressure, stuffed up nose, cough. i've been to the doctor, taken antibiotics, gone through a half dozen boxes of over the country cold/sinus/flu medicine, used up every last tissue in the house, gargled with salt water, pumped saline solution up my nose, tried to flush out the badness with water and juice, attempted to sweat out the cold by sleeping under many blankets and now i'm drinking some nasty tasting chinese herbal tea that a co-worker gave me.

it reminds me of the stuff my parents used to make me drink when i was younger, but it's nowhere near as potent or disgusting. the chinese herbal tea of my youth came in little pouches that my father would pick up on his way back from work and my mother would have to brew. she would squeeze all the roots and twigs and herbs and god knows what else through cheesecloth with all her force. don't be tricked by linda's small stature - that woman is strong and could still beat me up one handed with ease. i used to have to drink the tea in the mornings, before i boarded the bus to go to school. to offset the terrible taste, i would get a glico caramel which to this day remains one of my favorite candies. the fact that they came in a box with a toy didn't exactly hurt. it was a lot worse than that vanilla flavored powdered calcium drink my parents used to make my drink as well.

this tea is not my last resort however. i just ordered a blt and cheese fries for lunch from sparky's all-american food. if bacon doesn't work, i don't know what else will.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Save Gocco

just added a link to save gocco in the right hand toolbar.

a print gocco is the portable home printing kit that was used for the cover of listmaker volume one and also our chrismakkuh cards for the past two years. riso, the japan-based manufacturer has decided to discontinue production after over 25 years. this is so sad. i was going to use the gocco again for listmaker volume two, but i've run out of screens and flashbulbs and my restock is backordered.

still delicious after 3 hours in a car

i am pleased to report that my 3 hours old pat's steak wiz wit was delicious. there is no photographic evidence because i consumed it in record time. a little heating up in the toaster oven did it wonders, remelted the wiz and made for a delicious dinner. thank you listmaker, thank you.


Monday, February 20, 2006

one day i'll show up at a bocce match

this past weekend, while my teammates were having a rough time, i was playing skee-ball and air hockey at kid's kingdom in edgewater, nj.

the birthday girl is already developing a wide range of faces to make an aunt proud

the peapod (aka the little buddha) goes for a spin with grandma

lane violations are called

someone ate 2 slices!


mine soon

the post office may be closed for the holiday, but i'm getting a special delivery later today! i don't care one bit that it will be about 3 hours old, it will still be glorious.


Friday, February 17, 2006

sangwiches you will like

i started this post the other week and was reminded of it by a couple things that happened the past two days. firstly, the meatball parm sub from parisi's i had for lunch yesterday, which was the first food i had eaten in over 24 hours. i'm still sick with mystery virus. secondly, i am very upset i don't have monday off. which means i won't be accompanying dan to maryland. but what it really means is that i won't be there when dan's ride (aka dave and jen) makes a pit stop at pat's steaks. sigh. and finally, i caught a whiff of oil and vinegar from someone's hero today at lunch. it reminded me of one of my favorite fast food sandwiches, the blimpie's best.

i don't think many branches of subway existed while i was growing up. in my area it was all about blimpies. i don't even think i heard of subway until i got to college. while their hot roast beef with american is top notch, the BB was the preferred sub of the hong family. we would often get it for lunch on the way back from church on sunday. there were many fights between my and my brother charlie since he would also request no oil and i couldn't have any of that. a BB was made with ham, hard salami, red peppered cappy ham, black peppered prosciuttini ham and provoline cheese. white bread please, there was no wheat option back then. we would order them with everything, which meant lettuce, tomato, onions, a shake of oregano and oil and vinegar. often we would ad hot and sweet peppers which i remember picking off when i was younger. looking back, i had no idea what some of these deli meats where. cappacola? i still don't know what proscuittini is.

i haven't had one of these sandwiches in years. i tried getting it once at a new york branch near union square and was so disappointed and also kind of shocked when the counter guy started putting mayo on the bread when i asked for everything. really, mayo? i am a mayo apologist, but the last place mayo needs to be is on a BB. oregano, oil and vinegar please.

onto what i originally wrote: all this talk about toast is making me very hungry this morning. i forgot to pack some kashi for breakfast and now it's just 11am and i want lunch. i'm thinking i might have to make the trek to nicky's vietnamese sandwiches in the east village. though nicky's is smaller than your average bahn mi, their pork shop sandwich is still $3.95 well spent. strips of marinated and grilled pork are tucked into a crusty baguette slathered with mayo and topped with mixture of pickled carrots, cucumbers, cilantro and thin disks of jalapenos. i'm drooling.

i recently dvr'ed rick sebak's excellent documentary, sandwiches you will like. i had originally watched this visual love affair for perhaps the world's second greatest food (sorry, but noodles are #1 in my heart) at the team plumley young avenue headquarters. sebak creates these amazing documentaries for his local PBS affiliate in pittsburgh. while some of them are centered around local amusements and curiosities (pittsburgh history series, something about oakland, pittsburgh a-z), others are devoted to more general topics: amusement parks, hot dogs and perhaps in his greatest achievement, the sandwich. it was nice to get reaquianted with the nasty looking chipped ham, which i had completely forgotten about, as well as the sandwiches that made lasting impressions from the first viewing: the hot brown, beef on weck, the st. paul. there are still so many fantastic sandwiches out there. sebak should really consider a part two.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

things you're not quite sure how to tell a stranger #2 and #3

#2 stop air guitaring to your ipod as you stand in front of me on the subway. seriously, stop.
#3 did you mean to wear those flip flops in this weather?

the girl that i directed thought #3 at was an odd bird. she was standing next to my seat on the subway. i noticed she was reading persepolis first and then i saw the flip flops on her feet. this was two days ago, when it was still cold, when the snow had just started to melt and there were grey slush puddles everywhere. apparantly, the group of young men sharing the train car with us wondered along with me, laughing and talking about it to each other, but loud enough for the girl to hear.

at this point she was sitting next to me. suddenly, she leaps up and goes to check the map. as she did, she took off her reading glasses with such panache and so one of the arms (is that what they are called? i have no idea, i've never worn glasses) flew onto me. i had seen earlier it was held together with masking tape. what the fuck? i already know way too much about this freak! was she not aware they sell those mini glass fixit kits at every single checkout line in the world? anyway, i realize this plastic arm is now on me and she's gone before i have any time to react. so i gently place the arm on the vacant seat next to me. one of the young men sees the empty seat and plops down. but then armless glass girl comes back to take reclaim her seat. but since young man is sitting in it, she sits two seats away from me now. she goes to put on her glasses to pick up her place in persepolis and it's then she realizes an arm is missing! girl goes into crazy whirlwind mode, leaping from the seat, back to where the map is, looking up and down, arms flailing, flip flops flying.

now at this point, i could have been a good samaritan and said, hey lady, i know where what you're looking for is, but that would be admitting to knowing way more than i really should have. this is what happens to me all the time. i always notice things i totally shouldn't be and it always comes to bite me in the ass and but me in unusual situations. also the flip flops thing was really bothering me and so i decide to shut my mouth. anyway, as i'm resigning myself to a bout of bad karma, she comes back to where we're all sitting and asks young man to get up and there's the missing piece. everybody's happy. young man's friends are ribbing on him and i breathe a sigh of relief. and then it's my stop.

Monday, February 13, 2006

brown thing with sharp teeth visits brooklyn

the 8th annual bam kid's film festival takes place on March 3 and 4th. cover monster for the program is none other than bibimbop favorite, domokun.

domo's short, called "domo-kun and the egg" is part of a program called Flying Pigs and Friendly Roosters. this is its NY premiere.

no word as to whether hewbacca will attend.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

my adidas. mine, mine, mine. (nerd-out #44)

i'm on the tiny showcase mailing list. this means i get a sneak preview of the print that will be offered for sale a couple hours or even a day beforehand. in the last couple months, the website has blown up a bit. despite increasing their print run from 50 to 100, things still sell out really fast. you basically have to be right by your computer when the prints go on sale in order to snatch one up for yourself.

i was very excited for this week's print by johnny yanok.

it's horizontal, about new york, and populated by animals. i made a mental note to be by the computer when the print went on sale. so of course i go and get sick and never make it online that evening. i forget about my adidas. but magically, when i go to check the website the next morning, there are still 3 prints left! i quickly add #98 to my cart and check out and live happily ever after. i can't believe they didn't sell out immediately.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

that's mrs. dr. abby to you!

congrats to dr. abby, who got engaged to dr. dan!
just please don't schedule your wedding for may of this year.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

this sorbet is delicious!

the last ten minutes of last night's Gilmore were AMAZING! the back and forth banter, the scene cuts, the highs, the lows, the fighting, the pouts, the stares, the sorbet, the sitting on the couch, the funny tasting ice, the moonscapes, that thing emily wrapped herself in.

more please.