Friday, November 18, 2005

can't get you out of my head

these songs have become squatters in my head. i will use all my concentration to focus on these and not the salsa bass throbbing from the floor below.

• irma thomas - "two winters long"
• the new pornographers - "ballad of a comeback kid"
• sparrow - "this is how it's done"

and while we are talking about songs, DF has a new radio show on WRFU, 104.5 FM in Urbana. that's a town somewhere in the middle. we tuned in to hear the refrain of "ARE YOU FREEEEEDOM MAN?" off "drugunaut" by one of listmaker and i's favorite new bands, black mountain. jagjaguwar continues to release quality stuff.

so for the last two and a half years i've was drowning in music and as mentioned before, i can't swim. i'm hoping this job change will make me remember that i really love music.

off to nap or watch degrassi on the DVR.



Blogger weasel said...

Thanks- the title of this post forced that Kylie Minogue song into my head and now it won't stop playing.

November 21, 2005 11:03 AM  

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