Sunday, June 26, 2005

listening too long to one song (luxe and reduxe)

the weekend, in alphabetical order.
alcohol - have i not learned from my past mistakes that i should not mix?
beer - i had many of these.
canadians - 200,000 living in new york!
dumb dodohead - see A
electric version - the best album of the oughts.
fuck - as in "fuck, i have a hangover and it's only 7pm." or "fuck, i just threw up in front of our door, dan." or even "fuck braden looper."
giant robot new york - sorry to have missed the grand opening on saturday but canadians were calling.
hoboken - maxwell's is such a great place to see a show. getting home to brooklyn though is not much fun.
it's only divine right - this was the brooklyn set opener, only i missed it cause i had to pee and i refused to revisit the portopotty. christy and i went to jim and mary's apartment to do our business 1) in a smell-free environment 2) where it was lit 3) where there was toilet paper. call me a city mouse!
jalapeno - thinking it was a piece of bell pepper, i popped one into my mouth and suffered for the next 15 minutes.
kir royale - the beginning of my demise
long lost niece - np's kathryn was a fantastic vocal fill-in for neko
mets - the metsies take two out of three from the stankees. a sweep would have been divine, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

oh canada - we stand on guard for thee. thank you for the good music our dear neighbors of the north
pimms cup - continuing my demise, i mean my slow descent
queen - canada is a consitutional monarchy.
rush - no, not those canadians but as in bum rush the stage. who would have thought?
sing me spanish techno - my favorite song off the upcoming new pornographers record, twin cinema
tb - you were a jerk 10 years ago and you're still a jerk!
use it - track 3 off twin cinema!
vomit - don't worry i cleaned it up
water - snapple bottled water ain't half bad.
x-plosion - as in jon spencer who performed with the opening band the sadies
yo la tengo's james mcnew was in the house! sweet!
zumpano - is carl newman's old band. they put out two records on subpop. you should hear them.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

everybody poops

proud grandpa james shared this nugget with me over the phone the other day. turns out little eryn lost nearly half a pound since coming home from the hospital because she's been pooping so much. she shrunk from 6lb 2oz to 5lbs 9oz. how about that?


Thursday, June 16, 2005

another pea in the pod

not to trump my own bacon post, but i'm an aunt again! this time to a little eryn! she's 6 lbs 2 oz - so small! pictures and her new nickname soon. heidi has suggested peapod, but it might be time to put tomato to good use!


you're bacon me crazy!

I received my latest bacon of the month club shipment today and it contained 4 packages of bacon! I know they do not ship in the summer, but this really might be too much at once! And it also means I won't get fun packages again until October! To make things worse, our fridge is on the fritz so I had to store the bacon in the freezer portion. We haven't had ice cubs in a couple days but I hope it'll keep things cool. My box of bacon included:

• Nodine's Bayou Brand Bacon from Torrington, CT (June 2005)

• Hempler's Peppered Bacon from Bellingham, WA (July 2005)

• Carlton Farms Dry Cured Bacon from the Oregon Coast (August 2005)

• Kolozsvari Smoked Bacon from Vernon Hills, IL (September 2005)

I'm most looking forward to the Peppered Bacon - the slabs are like a 1/4" thick! The Bayou Brand looks intriguing, but I've not known Conneticut to be bayou country.

So who's grilling? I am only going to eat wrapped in bacon foodstuffs for the rest of the summer. Scallops, pineapple, oysters? What else would be good with smoked pork lovin'?


Friday, June 03, 2005

listening too long to one song

in case you needed any more reason to love the new pornographers, the video for "your daddy don't know," a cover song that appears on the soundtrack to the canadian movie, Fubar.