Friday, April 01, 2005

black boogers and chartreuse loogies

yesterday was the first day in a week that i didn't feel like shit. the achiness that permeated my body since last friday was finally gone and i was once again able to breathe with both nostrils and not have to constantly wipe at the damn appendage. wait, is a nose an appendage? not to make excuses but with being sick and being in austin the other week, the bibimbop has been pretty bare bones of late. please allow this entry to remind you of the spirit of bibimbop.

the men's final four is coming up this weekend and i'm not as interested as i have been in past years. the lowest seed left in the tournament is MSU and they knocked off my blue devils in the sweet sixteen, so i'm having a hard time rooting for them. however, the spartans' play against duke in the second half was truly outstanding, with sharp passing and fluidity in the paint that the blue devils were lacking. so who's left to root for? certainly not carolina. and definitely not any team fronted by rick pitino. that just leaves the fightin' illini. i think i'm content with that pick.

i did manage to catch the last two minutes of the NIT final last night, which was some of the most exhilerating, nail biting, can't-stand-to-look-at-the-tv-screen basketball all season. the final 20 seconds were amazing - a saint joseph's player hit a three-pointer to tie the game, only to have a south carolina player take the inbounds pass (of what would be the game's final possession) and drop a bucket with ease as the seconds ticked off.

on the comestibles tip, i am happy to report that bacon shipment #3 arrived the other week while i was in austin. blake in the shipping department took good care of it and immediately placed it in the refridgerator. it was another round of hickory smoked goodness, this time from the fine folks at Bear Creek in Texas. the bacon was smaller in length than previous shipments and also a bit wider. the sticker on the package annouced "great for frying," which i'm sure it would have been, but i cooked it in the oven, as i do all my bacon. i broiled up the entire package, along with some leftovers from bacon shipment #2 and brought it to amy and jenny's easter brunch, where it was consumed in record time. bacon is the great unifier!

recently, the listmaker and i had some drinks at the game with deborah who we had not seen since right after our wedding. we love the gate because it is about 30 feet from our front door and we are lazy and don't like leaving our apartment. i went up to get drinks and this girl who is sitting alone at the bar makes eye contact with me. she looked like a bizarro version of someone who could have been bjork's second cousin. anyway, i wasn't sure if she was just overly friendly or hitting on me but she introduces herself to me and we chat while i wait for the head on my old speckled hen to settle and then i realize she's just totally crazy. once the niceties are over, she asks me to buy her drink for her so that the bartender will give her back her license. of course that makes no sense and i just gave her a "did you really ask me that" look and said that i didn't have enough money to cover her. i went back to our little table with our drinks and a few moments later, bizarro bjork cousin comes up, introduces herself to the rest of our table and points to an empty chair and asks if she minds her joining us. we all hem and haw and i try to deflect her with, "well, we're just talking shop," but she doesn't care and just plops her ass down, introduces herself and doesn't stop talking.

she was obviously fucked up on something, but also seemed aware enough of what she was doing, which we tried to figure out throughout the course of the evening. after about 15 minutes of her life story, we're all pretty much done with this girl. all our fake enthusiasm has been used up and she finally takes the hint and leaves the table. not before she punches me in the arm three of four times. normally, we all agree after she leaves, we'd be pretty amused by someone like her, but not when you're trying to catch up with friends who you never get to see. we saw her hop from table to table, trying to find some poor sap to pick up her bar tab for the night, which i'm sure she eventually did.

finally, in the good news category, it looks like Tonic has reached its fundraising goal and will remain open. let's hope they fix the bathrooms quick, becaue peeing in a portapotty in an indoor space, knowing it's not being emptied or cleaned, is really not pleasant.


Blogger mas said...

Glad you are feeling better, though I suppose I did benefit from your ailments with tickets to a band and a movie. For what it's worth, I enjoyed them both in your honor.

April 01, 2005 2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

go illinois!

d. and i checked out the scene on the main drag by campus on our way from getting pizza. big mob scene, lots of high fives, and 1 sad chair on fire. the undergrads here are so concerned with getting drunk, they can't even work up a good riot.

will report back tomorrow,
amy w.

April 03, 2005 8:30 PM  
Blogger Wisdom Weasel said...

One thing that unites all Americans, red or blue, north or south, rural or urban, is that invariably the neighborhood bar contains at least one clinically insane female boozehound working the room in search of a sympathetic hearing and free liquor. Just thank your saints and stars that it wasn't karaoke night. Of course, it might be worth it to become either the bar crazy (as you say, you believe someone invariably gets her tab) or a looney pimp (find dark corner booth, have looney bring you every third scammed drink).

April 04, 2005 9:49 AM  

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