Wednesday, April 27, 2005

advanced swimmers only

i can't swim. the first 5 years in the suburbs, we lived in an apartment building with a pool. my brother became an excellent swimmer. i think i was holed up in my room reading beverly clearly books. at summer camp in the second grade, i earned my beginner swimmer patch but i think they gave those out to anyone who would go into the water. my mother learned to swim in her 40s for crissakes! but i can not swim, the main problem being that i can not float. i have tried and i just can't. this doesn't really have to do with anything, but i just wanted to share a swimming anecdote before i went on about my new favorite block of television, adult swim.

i currently love three programs that are part of adult swim: home movies, super milk chan and robot chicken. i stumbled upon an episode of super milk chan one night when listmaker was probably playing poker and i had control of the television late at night. i have been a fan of the japanese character cause who wouldn't love drooling cutesy 5 year olds who scream "you dumbass!" at their antiquated pet robots and spineless landlords. if you look closely at the collection of junk that sits atop our trio of cd shelves, you'll see a super milk chan figure or two. the show is indescribably weird. i'm not sure if it's because of what was lost in translation in the english dubbing process or if the show is really just that insane, but i'm banking on a combination of both. trolling the SMC message boards, it seems like i am in the minority. adult swim purists are pissed off that this show gets air time. did i mention that the characters have glandular and drooling problems?

ok, from left to right. dr. eyepatch. this guy is super scary and has a funny voice. he helped milk chan when she wanted a machine to make the world's best riceballs. next is robodog, who has not really been a factor in the episodes i've seen so far.
then it's the adorable milk chan - she is bad. she is like the 5 year old girl anime version of my dog hamachi, very naughty, but oh so cutie pie. on her head is hanage. we never see him talk, but we hear his inner monologues. he seems very very sad. the dude with the broom and the knobby head is the president! he is always sweating and has flies buzzing around him constantly. the big eyed robot is the obsequious tetsuko - she takes a lot of grief from milk chan. the eunuch raver at the end is lalo, milk chan's landlord who has never managed to get her to pay rent! and by bizarre, i mean like on the last episode i watched, milk and tetsuko were watching a reality show called "storm poor people's dinners" or something like there where a perky host would invade a homeless family's meal and make fun of their food! oh my god.

then there's home movies, which i started watching with listmaker, after he had been tipped off by alex j. i don't know who this brendon small is, but he is a genius and i hope he is currently employed. just like super milk chan, home movies is centered around a kid - in this case, 8 year old brendon (named after the creator!). he likes to make movies with his best friends sassy melissa and nasally jason. this last episode was amazing. brendon, melissa and jason start a band and write a noise-rock anthem "freaky outtie". neighborhood hesher duane enters a guitar lixx contest but has to borrow brendan's beat up guitar because his own axe has been confiscated by his leisure suit wearing father after a not-so-hot report card shows up. oh and then there's the ubiquitous coach who is always seen giving brendon terrible advice or getting drunk. it's just hilarious seeing these 3rd graders talk and act like adults, but not really adults, you know?

i just watched my first episode of robot chicken, which is what prompted me to write this. each episode is only 15 minutes long, but i'm already hooked. i will admit, i was a little disappointed in the stereotypical asian jokes (it's only 15 minutes seth green, can you be a little more original?), but was overall very pleasantly surprised this live-action/claymation/action figure show. and i loved the references to midnight madness, one of my favorite movies of all time!!!

oh and wasn't tonight's episode of gilmore a dandy? i love luke and sookie banter. just love it! to quote paquette the younger, "more please!" that line about being in a bizarro episode of the amazing race - too clever for its own good. and the portuguese nanny - we thought we'd never see her again! how many more episodes do we have!?!!!?


Blogger Chris Larry said...

Haven't watched GG yet....Mary was away so I was waiting for her to get back, but very excited, will post my thoughts here when done....

Bibi: You should learn to swim!!! Swiming is the bomb!

Hard Divin Larry

April 28, 2005 10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of Super Milk Chan toys throughout my house that I've gathered over the past years, including a giant Milk Chan with clear vinyl drool that sits atop my teevee set. I even have a bunch of the original episodes in Japanese, but I can't understand them, only watch their kooky antics. I had NO IDEA they were now on Adult Swim! Now I can finally figure out what the show is all about, that is if I had cable :(

When I was in Osaka (October of 2003) I even saw a Super Milk Chan guitar! It almost made me wanna learn how to rock and/or roll.

April 29, 2005 5:07 AM  

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