Friday, January 21, 2005

fry like bacon you little freshman piggies, fry!

the other day i came home and found a shiny silver envelope atop the row of mailboxes. before anything else, i noticed the words bacon of the month club on the address label. i quickly filled with jealousy. who, if not me, in this building could be so deserving of such a present? i then noticed it was addressed to listmaker and my jealousy turned into unbridled excitement. i bounded up the stairs two steps at a time to show listmaker what i had discovered. "look at what someone got you!" i shouted over and over. i noticed listmaker wasn't sharing in my enthusiasm because it turns out the bacon of the month club was a actually surprise for me courtesy of him and his parents. how could i be this lucky?

in the shiny silver envelope was my membership kit which consisted of a membership card, a shirt that's way too big for mee, little rubber toy pigs and a bacon of the month club pig pen. each month i am promised a package of hand crafted artisan bacon delivered to my door, along with a bacon recipe and a bacon comic strip. i received my first shipment the other day at work - it turned out to be a package of New Braunfels Pepper Bacon. if you think people are lax about bacon, wait til one of these bacon shipment show up at your office. bacon fans will be crawling out of the woodwork with saliva dripping down their faces. with the anticipated weather, i'm not planning to leave the apartment all weekend so it makes for perfect bacon eating conditions.

co-worker and fellow bacon enthusiast sara passed along this tip for all the madison area bacon lovers. consider yourselves informed and warned.


Blogger jamie said...

i'm unbelievable jealous right now and trying to find an excise to pop by your place over the weekend. perhaps your walk needs shovleing?

January 21, 2005 7:48 PM  
Blogger mas said...

Bacon comic strip?

January 22, 2005 12:51 AM  

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