Tuesday, October 12, 2004

so drunk in the august sun

l.a.'s desert origins hits stores in a couple weeks. can you believe it's been over 10 years, practically 11 since crooked rain was released? there are so many vivid memories i can associate with this album but these always pop up:
mr. seely's oceanography class.
wondering what barbercide might taste like.
waiting for high school to finally be over.
smoking joints in your freshman dormroom bathroom with the shower running so you think your roommate won't notice.
the roseland ballroom and wondering just who exactly the crazy british dude singing about robot boys is.



Blogger Listmaker said...

let's see-

-desperately searching for it in silver spring, md the summer of 93 and not being able to find it anywhere.
-finally finding it at the end of the summer and being confused as to what the hell it was.
-the beginning of being indier than thou and not giving a shit about anything else for awhile.

-cut your hair released, the best single ever or so i thought at the time. still, pretty damn good. second best single ever? after runaway by del shannon? or am i just pandering to stone groove?
-spring of my junior year of college- i rule the school. or at least i booked some bands and thought i was a little cool.
-saw the boyz for the first time- black cat in dc, a perfect day- earlier i had gone to my first opening day at camden yards after failing to get tickets for the first two years.

-underwhelmed by "rattled" upon first listening. couldn't get enough of the record when it came out.
-dug listening to it while hanging out with always stoned, always mooching, always smelling like feet roommate named drew.
-graduated from college. springtime of my youth. hit on anything in a skirt or indie rock slacks.
-saw them at great club in philly (trocadero) with the indie rock version of richie rich and then chilled at his grandma's (serpentine?) pad. booooo for that awful joke.
-grooved all summer to it as i prepared to move to nc and had an amazing summer grossing out campers and counselors alike with jeremy at camp hidden spring.

-cramped beyond belief at 9:30 club for show.
-spring '97, working at preschool in suburban md, nursing my broken kraut heart.
-after 1st 3 songs, the album takes a nosedive.
-taking nyc trips to visit balgavy and my soon to be hometown crew.

-we are underwhelmed (again)
-boring irving show
-c'mon s.m., give me something!
-carrot rope is ridiculous

now i want someone like jamie to write all of his pavement memories in perfect rhyme that could double as pavement song titles! get to it.

October 12, 2004 6:02 PM  
Blogger youthlarge said...

wow, so all i had to do to get some comments out of you is write about sm and his boyz?

October 12, 2004 6:10 PM  

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