Thursday, October 28, 2004

then and now

faces of the red sox nation

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nineteen-eighteen! nineteen-eighteen!

i guess it was a bit anti-climactic, after the marathon division series and alcs, but who cares? the red sox are world series champions. believe it.

manny ramirez's double finger points while being awarded the mvp throphy
pedro carrying around the trophy in a daze
curtis leskanic making "snow" angels in the infield
mike timlin carrying dave roberts on his shoulders
francona crying during a post-game interview
derek lowe giving pedro a noogie

all the lowlights come courtesy of fox. their coverage was unbelieveable sucky. my two favorite:
cutting to jimmy fallon and drew barrymore kissing during the on-field celebration. boooo!
showing the same dumb fan in the black sweater sitting behind the cardinals dugout.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

just one of those days

on this date 18 years ago, jesse orosco threw his glove high up in the air after striking out marty barrett for the last out of game seven in the 1986 world series. the mets were winners and the boston red sox went home incredulous losers. ten year old hong made a lot of whooping noises in her room, where she was watching the game on a tiny portable television, and got yelled at by dad who told her it was past her bedtime.

two decades later, i still love the mets, but tonight i'm going to be rooting for the sox nearly as hard as i'd be if it were the mets in the series. i am a sucker for feel-good stories and this one is the feel-goodest of all. it's a chance for the team to complete the greatest post-season comeback ever.

i want to see 90 year old grandmothers who still score games with shaky handwriting getting embraced by middle aged men with pot bellies and firemen moustaches. i want to see grown men openly weeping in their wives' arms. I want to see men who make $15 million a season be reduced to children, uncontrollaby sobbing with joy. i want to see pedro do another champagne dance, only this time with nelson de la rossa tucked under his pitching arm. i want to see papi lead a victory run around the field. i want to see mark bellhorn, well just because he's kind of cute. ugh, did i just say that? don't you think he looks like rufus wainwright's bad seed brother?

by the way, there's going to be a lunar eclipse tonight.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

john peel 1939-2004

From BBC News:
"After announcing Peel's death on Radio 1, the station played his favourite song, Teenage Kicks, by the Undertones."

Monday, October 25, 2004

dirty pennies and unwrapped kisses

halloween is approaching and i'm without a costume...again. last year doesn't count, because my house hosted a party and I had to get dressed. also, am i to really believe hollywood will provide me with inspiration by casting asian females on a regular basis?

i've come up with some good ideas for balgavy (bruce villanch, mr. belvedere), but i have yet to come up with a single idea for me. i think i shot my wad during the tween years - in the sixth grade, i was a box of cheerios. i decorated huge sheets of yellow posterboard with crayola markers. i wore a yellow sweat suit and a baseball cap with cheerios glues on it. the following year, in the 7th grade, i made myself into a bag of ruffles. i thought my costume was pretty hot shit, until grace nigro in the 8th grade showed up wearing a ruffles costume too! mine was made out of two pieces of poster board, hers was crafted out of felt. it was so much better. i bet her mom sewed it for her. man was i pissed, but of course my pissed offness was quickly offset by fear and embarassment as grace came up to me and made fun of my low-rent outfit. she also accused me of copying her. man did i feel small. my costume in the eight grade was another one of the homemade variety - this time i went as a hershey's bar. again i utilized poster board (man, i loved that stuff) and wrapped each end with aluminum foil. luckily there were no other chocolate bars that halloween.

so what the hell do i wear this year? i used to love this holiday - i think i continued trick or treating until i was like 17. the town i grew up in was a series of high-rise condos. you'd start at the top floor of a building and you were good for the rest of the night. some of the tenants didn't want to be bothered so they would leave a basket of candy in front of their doors with a sign that read "one each." yeah right, one each. you'd come up to the basket and it'd always be empty. the first person who reached it would totally dump it all in their bag and call it a night. the worst though was when some dum-dum would answer the door all frazzled and give you some lame explanation about how they forgot it was halloween and didn't have any treats for you. they'd drop a couple dirty pennies into your bag. like you want those filthy coins coming near your stash!

Friday, October 22, 2004

there's no crying in baseball, redux

i found this thread on the son of sam website via daniel habib's column today. and now i'm all teary-eyed.

p.s. this was previously covered on listmaker


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

they did it, they did it!

as much as i hoped for a game seven, i'll admit, i didn't expect it to really happen. the way the red sox have played the last three games has been truly inspirational for anyone who hates the yankees and roots for the underdog. all those little intangibles that always seem to fall in the yankees' favor went the red sox's way! since the mets pretty much blew donkeys for most of the season, this may have been the most fun i had watching any baseball game this year. how could even the most diehard of a yankee fan justify arod's terrible act of unsportsmanship?

could this really be the year the curse is lifted?

of course they need to win tonight to finish the greatest series comeback in baseball history. i'll have my fingers and a couple toes crossed.

if the red sox do win tonight and the astros pull it off as well, it'd be massachusetts vs. texas! sound familiar?


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

please, oh please

please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please.
if the red sox can only force a game seven! had the mets forced a game seven against the braves in 1999, i don't think there would have been a way for them to lose it. unfortunately they lost game six. stupid ass kenny rogers.
let's go red sox!


Monday, October 18, 2004

Park Slope Gastronome #5 - Whatever happened to Lukas Haas?

this past weekend, the psg found themselves in amish country. the plan was to partake in the amazing maize maze, a dizzying 3-D puzzle cut out in five acres of corn. sans the psg, the maze proved to be too daunting last year. after over 3 hours of walking through the stalks of dried corn, the mission was abandoned. call it beginner's luck or what have you, but we finished the maze this year in record time. unfortunately, we didn't pick up all the map pieces along the way so that disqualified us from getting on the white board of fame.

en route to the maze, we stopped at an amish food stand, where heidi was ever so excited to see her pumpkin moonpies. i had nearly the same reaction to dilly beans, which are green and yellow string beans pickled in brine. they are simply delicious. heidi also bought a package of snickerdoodles. as we sampled the cookies in the car, liz provided us with the quote of the day when commented: "these snickerdoodles sure don't taste like a snickers bar." we'd like to think she was kidding, but she was not!

after the maze and a walk around the petting zoo, we were ready for some pennsylvania dutch home cooking. that led us to dienners where heidi and i both opted for the buffet, while liz got a delicious looking blt.

i proceeded to pile the following on my plate: rotisseried chicken drumstick, piece of ham, whipped potatoes, buttered noodles, baked lima beans, beef stew, stewed tomatoes, bread filling aka stuffing, green beans, rice, broccoli, macaroni and cheese, fried shrimp, fish stick, corn and a roll. when i returned to the table, i realized i hadn't gotten any salad so i went back and got a plate of greens, carrots, potato salad, macaroni salad, beets, cucumbers, egg salad, and some apple butter for my roll. oh, i also had a small ladle of chicken corn noodle chowder. all the hot food kind of had that same mushy cooked texture, but i loved it all. everything tasted like it was made with love, especially the apple butter and soup, and a lot of butter! i wish they had bacon in their hot food section. oh, i had some vegetable soup too, but i didn't like it too much because it was a bit sweet. i didn't even have dessert but i got so stuffed.

this was a girls only trip so dan was not allowed. i brought him home a homemade whoopie pie.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004


i'm still under the weather and unable to formulate unique ideas. balgavy just posted some photos from my wedding over the summer. have a looksee while we both wait for new ideas to overtake us.


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

so drunk in the august sun

l.a.'s desert origins hits stores in a couple weeks. can you believe it's been over 10 years, practically 11 since crooked rain was released? there are so many vivid memories i can associate with this album but these always pop up:
mr. seely's oceanography class.
wondering what barbercide might taste like.
waiting for high school to finally be over.
smoking joints in your freshman dormroom bathroom with the shower running so you think your roommate won't notice.
the roseland ballroom and wondering just who exactly the crazy british dude singing about robot boys is.


Friday, October 08, 2004

best conversation ever

i am sick. had a work celebration the other day and i did a lot of celebratin'. my drunken moaning forced the listmaker to sleep on the couch. he found me the next morning all turned around (feet at the headboard) and drowning in a pool of drool. i got in trouble. i'm sorry. i can be a mess at times.

two days later, i am officially sick. i no longer have to run to the bathroom every hour but my throat is a raw, fiery pit of soreness. my lips are continually chapped. i'm sure the cough is going to start soon. a perfect way to start off a three day weekend.

this conversation with my 1.5 year old niece however, managed to make all the achiness disappear for a few moments:

the little peanut: hi
youthlarge: hi
the little peanut: hi
youthlarge: hi
the little peanut: hi
youthlarge: hi
her grandparents in the background: (say i love you)
the little peanut: shoo
youthlarge: bye bye


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Park Slope Gastronome #4

This past week the Park Slope Gastronome had brunch at the restaurant Belleville. Its location made for an easy choice when we were trying to figure out where to have brunch on a glorious Sunday afternoon. The walk to Cousin John's was a bit more than we wanted to flex our legs for. Cocotte stinks. A recent meal at the Mexican Sandwich Company helped me get acquainted with our bathroom and forced us to miss the Atlantic Antic.

Belleville is a French bistro, similar to the ones down the street (Moutarde) and a few neighborhoods over (Patois). There's a sprinkle of quaint, a dollop of shabby chic, a pinch of old-timeyness and steak frites on the menu. We were seated and given our menus immediately. Dan ordered the french toast, only to be told it was sold out. He then ordered the crossaints, and was again told it was sold out. "We've had a busy morning" our waitress explained. Finally we both wound up ordering the waffle with eggs and bacon. Along with our meal orders, we requested water, which would not show up until about three-quarters of the way through our meal.

Our dishes arrive and we're both a bit bummed out to see our waffles are pre-syruped. Not only was it imitation maple flavor syrup but the pre-syruping also made the waffle soggy. I like my waffles crisp and I also don't like to drench it in sugar. The eggs on the other hand were really nicely scrambled. They were a golden yellow color without any browning, loose, but firm enough that they didn't have that uncooked, phlegm-like texture to them. The bacon on the other hand was way overcooked. When I bend a bacon strip, I like for it to do just that and not snap in half. Finding good bacon is an impossible mission these days. I'm convinced our meal was to be accompanied by greens and potatoes. Two of the brunch options, the smoked salmon platter and the french toast were above the line that read something along the lines of "the following come with green and potatoes." The waffle was listed under this line and I positive I did not see an asterix listed next to it saying it was excluded. We asked our waitress about this, not because we were hungry, but because we thought we were missing a part of our meal. She didn't know her menu. She had to check. We still didn't have water by this time. A waiter came by with a pitcher and asked us if we wanted some more water. Then he noticed the lack of water glasses on our table and turned red, apologized and sent someone to get us glasses. We were never offered a refill on coffee.

p.s. The glass of orange juice we ordered was some sort of from-concentrate-crap served with ice cubes. En francais!

Food: C
Service: C-


Monday, October 04, 2004


it's been an exhausting past week at bbbhq. apologies to my vast audience on the lack of postings here, and there. a couple noteworthy events from the last seven days:

1. i was one of the 3 grand prize raffle winners at allen's 30th birthday.
2. my grand prize was 8 boxes of brillo in assorted sizes.
3. we got a dustbuster

that really might be it. sorry folks. stay tuned for park slope gastronome's field trip to uminoie in the east village, as well as stop at belleville for brunch.

in the meantime, everyone's favorite fitnik has joined the horribly exciting world of blogging. can i just say how much i love the title?