Friday, September 17, 2004

what's the frequency, kenneth?

two emails in a row from two completely different people about the infamous words uttered by dan rather's assailant back in 1986. bizzaro. so i let the r.e.m. presale come and go without buying tickets. $75 just seems too rich for my blood at the moment. plus i'd rather spend the $75 on the tasting menu from Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar. shelly and jonathan went the other week and said it was simply marvelous. even if they were creeped out by the waiter who kept refolding napkins when you left the table. i think it's a little over the top too, but i'll take that any day if the alternative is to wait at your table to get your water glass filled up. here's to napkin folders and let's not forget the table crumber either! another small, but welcome indulgence.


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